Servicing of your stove and its flue and safety components are extremely important to ensure maximum efficiency and heat output as well as potential carbon monoxide leaks that may endanger human life.


Wood Burner Stove Servicing

Servicing, repairs and general maintenance are essential to keep your fire working efficiently, to keep emissions to the minimum and prevent carbon monoxide spilling in to your property. It is essential that you regularly service your wood burning stoves.

Your stove will have some form of baffle. This is in place to keep the heat and smoke in the stove for longer in order to improve efficiency, burn off the smoke to reduce emissions and increase heat output. These baffles can clog easily, so during a service, they’re always removed and cleared of dust and debris.

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Repairs & Testing

The stove bricks will then be dismantled. This allows the area behind the bricks to be cleaned to reduce the risk of the bricks cracking and rusting to the stove body behind the bricks. If there is any damage to the bricks, new bricks can be ordered if necessary. As well as this, the stove is given a full checking over.

The rope seal is thoroughly inspected as well and the glass is inspected and cleaned as necessary. The fire cement seals on the pipes are also checked and repaired if necessary and your carbon monoxide alarms will also be checked and tested to ensure they are functioning properly and need to be replaced.

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    Excellent service. I'm delighted with the installation that they have undertaken for me. Would highly recommend them.

    Harriet Jones

    First class service and attention to detail from the outset. I have already recommended them to a few friends that have gone on to use them as well.

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    They have done a great job of my new flue and serviced my wood burner too. I'm so glad I used them. Their service is fantastic.

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    Without hesitation, I recommend S Dewhurst. From first contact to completion, I got friendly, expert advice and a totally professional service. The aftercare has been brilliant as well. It's five stars from me.

    Jim Tice

    I spoke to Mr Dewhurst about my wood burning stove and replacing the flue. They were really helpful and gave me the information I needed to make the right purchase. The installation was done exactly how I wanted.

    Mark Sadler

    S Dewhurst provides an exceptional service. They are extremely knowledgable, polite and true pro's at what they do. They did a full installation for me and my wife and I are delighted with our new stove!

    Chris Fairfield